[mythtv-users] STAY AWAY FROM WI-FI !!!

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> Franco wrote:
>>>I have an 802.11g wireless network at home, and it works perfectly.
>>>you probably have either very thick walls, lots of metal around
>>Yes, I have a 3-floors house, with very thick walls/floors/ceilings
>>made of iron and concrete.
>>>Are you saying that you were just unable to get enough throughput on  you 
>>>WiFi card?
>>Yes, with the 811.g I was barely able to tranfer files
>>at about 30 KB/sec (when the link wasn't down).
>>>Or were you just unable to maintain a reliable signal?
>>Both things. The signal wasn't reliable at all, but even
>>when I had the signal, performances were very poor.
>>Under Linux, I used a ping -f to keep the connectiopn up.
>>The windows machines were basically network-less.
>>>But I suppose I'll look into that electical networking stuff.
>>>My only concern is the cost.
>>It's worth it. They are not only faster and reliable,
>>they are also plug-and-play. I didn't even open the
>>enclosed CDs... just plugged the adapter in a free plug,
>>and I was networked....
>>remember, you'll have to look for cards supported by linux, and probably 
>>fight a lot with kernel modules and configuration
>>scripts, to get the wi-fi up and running (even it things
>>may be easier now than one year ago on Fedora core 2)
>>>Also, you have to be careful with this kind of network because it can be 
>>>accessed by anyone on your side of the transformer.
>>Well, that device has also a way for encrypting the transmitted data...
>>at least the risk is limited to my neighbours.
>>If you really manage to get a working wi-fi, anybody passing by
>>the street could connect to your LAN...
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> Um, linux isn't really that bad with wifi as people seem to think.  All 
> you need is a good chipset.  ANYTHING RALINK WILL DO.  Why? because they 
> have provided the source for their drivers to the linux community and now 
> there are good high quality drivers native to linux, no ndiswrapper, no 
> windows drivers, just a straight up kernel module code which you download 
> from rt2500 at sourceforge and compile from source, so you know it will 
> work on your system no matter what.
> The Source code even comes with a GUI wireless configuration and signal 
> monitoring utility - it's as easy to configure as if you're using windows 
> XP.  There are Ralink chips all over the place on wireless usb adaptors, 
> PCI cards, you name it.  Ever heard of them?  No? Of course not because 
> you didn't do and RESEARCH before trying your wifi network.  Let me ask 
> you this then.  If wifi is so bad and has so many disadvantages, why did 
> you even try to use it as your first choice??
> I'm using wifi in my mythtv box with a ralink2500 chipset, and have been 
> happily ever since I built my myth box.  I get a constant 54MBps with the 
> router a few rooms away.  In fact, I never had a single problem at all 
> anywhere along the whole process, which took me 4 minutes to compile the 
> driver and then install the kernel module.  It was the easiest thing in 
> the system.
> Here are a couple more pointers for you.  Everyone in the neighborhood can 
> see your computers huh?  Ever heard of Mac address filtering and WEP or 
> WPA encryption?  Your signal is too low?  Did you EVER even consider 
> getting an external antenna that connects to the SMA connector on your 
> wireless card?  Put a $10-$20 antenna on your wireless and then put the 
> same on your wireless router.  Don't get signal on floor 1?  Put one 
> router on floor 2 and measure signal on floor 3 and 1, put another router 
> as a repeater on the floor with the weakest signal.
> For Christ's sake, I am absolutely amazed that you even got your mythtv 
> box up and running at all, someone who can't even do some simple research 
> and install a simple wireless network.
> I think all the howto guys like Jared Wilson need a big round of applause 
> because this means that the howtos are getting GOOD.
> By the way I hate it when people send out emails with all caps subjects 
> telling the whole world to shun an entire industry because that person was 
> too inept to partake in it.  You probably noticed.
> Raphael
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Not to fan the flames here...but...

1.  MAC filtering is a joke, any bored 12 year old kid can spoof a trusted 
MAC.  So is thinking you are hidden by turning off broadcast SSID..etc.  If 
you have a machine talking to your AP, the snoop can see all they need to 
2.  WPA2-PSK (uses AES) is the only way to go if you are seriously worried 
about people snooping.  (WEP (and sorta WPA) are a joke using 
airdump/etc...yes, even 152 bit keys)
3.  95% of this last post was right on.  Go read up on the Linux WiFi lists. 
You should get reasonable performance...but it is quarky on Linux.  If you 
got Myth running, you should be able to get wireless going.  It isn't junk 
technology, it works for most people well.

#2  I don't know what has been implemented in linux with regard to WPA2, so 
you might be stuck.  I only use WiFi for my Windows Laptops.

Hope this is more help and less flame.  :-\  Good luck.

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