[mythtv-users] STAY AWAY FROM WI-FI !!!

Raphael Pooser rpooser at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 16:16:48 EST 2005

Todd wrote:

> Not to fan the flames here...but...

uh oh. :)

> 1.  MAC filtering is a joke, any bored 12 year old kid can spoof a 
> trusted MAC.  So is thinking you are hidden by turning off broadcast 
> SSID..etc.  If you have a machine talking to your AP, the snoop can 
> see all they need to know.

True you're right they can, and we do need better encryption techniques 
too.  However, in the case of mythtv, I presume that a lot of the 
information passing back and forth on the wireless network is not going 
to be particularly sensitive, unless of course you're watching something 
naughty. lol :)

> 2.  WPA2-PSK (uses AES) is the only way to go if you are seriously 
> worried about people snooping.  (WEP (and sorta WPA) are a joke using 
> airdump/etc...yes, even 152 bit keys)

Ok you got me there; it is hard to secure it completely, we do need 
better methods and that does limit transfer speeds.  Nonetheless, there 
is a certain amount of perspective required as well.  Most people are 
not going to be as skilled as the bored 12 year old you're talking 
about, and a lot of the time areas where there are wireless networks are 
often going to be safe from the the few people looking around for 
routers to crack into.  This is not an excuse to not beef up security 
though.  That's always better; just don't share your CC# over the 
network in any case.

> 3.  95% of this last post was right on.  Go read up on the Linux WiFi 
> lists. You should get reasonable performance...but it is quarky on 
> Linux.  If you got Myth running, you should be able to get wireless 
> going.  It isn't junk technology, it works for most people well.
> Notes:
> #2  I don't know what has been implemented in linux with regard to 
> WPA2, so you might be stuck.  I only use WiFi for my Windows Laptops.

> Hope this is more help and less flame.  :-\  Good luck.
> Todd
Ok I get it, more help less flame, but Franco was not asking for help.  
He was out posting depricated advice at best.  At worst he was trying to 
get people to stop using wifi because he is angry at the format due to 
his bad past experiences.
I actually do not believe that he worked for one year on this and could 
not get it working.  After one year of work more than likely he would 
have beat into working submission.  Those are my last flames for a 
while.. :)

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