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On Dec 8, 2005, at 09.52, Chris wrote:

>>> I'm going to build a new frondend machine. What would be the way to
>>> go.
>>> PVR 350 with tvout or just use the vga out. Suggestions for a nice
>>> quiet
>>> vga card ?
>>> I'm connecting it to an lcd tv that has both VGA and s-video inputs
>> Well, I suppose two questions have to be asked here:
Well, here comes another question: how much tinkering time do you have?

Based on what you seem to want out of this, if you have enough time  
and enough ingenuity, an XBox just might be the perfect thing for  
you. There's a version of MythTV available (you can download the  
entire set of files needed, pre-compiled) but you have to either chip  
or soft-mod your XBox to do it. On the plus side, you have a small  
form factor, quiet machine, and an easy to configure and install remote.

But this is just one option, and it doesn't allow for things like  
wireless (though I doubt you'd want this), a lot of expandability, or  
high def.
>> 1.) What kind of TV is this front-end being hooked up to? High-Def,
>> or Standard Def?
> no HD
>> 2.) Do you plan on going to High-Def any time soon?
> I've no plans
>> 3.) Do you want to do anything more than just playback on this front-
>> end?
> just playback, i've got enough pc's :-))
> has to be queit (i think even diskless)
Well, if you can stand a pair of optical drives, try KnoppMyth,  
though I'm not sure this is what you were looking for.
> Chris
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