[mythtv-users] frontend

Chris chris at siggynet.org
Thu Dec 8 10:52:59 EST 2005

> > I'm going to build a new frondend machine. What would be the way to  
> > go.
> > PVR 350 with tvout or just use the vga out. Suggestions for a nice  
> > quiet
> > vga card ?
> >
> > I'm connecting it to an lcd tv that has both VGA and s-video inputs
> Well, I suppose two questions have to be asked here:
> 1.) What kind of TV is this front-end being hooked up to? High-Def,  
> or Standard Def?

no HD

> 2.) Do you plan on going to High-Def any time soon?

I've no plans

> 3.) Do you want to do anything more than just playback on this front- 
> end?

just playback, i've got enough pc's :-))
has to be queit (i think even diskless)


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