[mythtv-users] red_eye script

Neil Bird neil at fnxweb.com
Thu Dec 8 10:32:27 EST 2005

Around about 07/12/05 17:49, Craig Tinson typed ...
>> If Neil Bird's listening I was wondering if he'd managed to get his 
>> channel changing digibox app to compile and work under FC4?

   Sorry, I'm still using an if-it-aint-broke-dont-fix-it FC3 box.  My main 
PC's FC4 now, and I guess during the Summer lean-TV period I may bump my PVR 
to FC4.  But not yet :)

> okies - figured a way around it - I compiled on an FC3 machine. copied 
> it over and it works fine now

   That's one way :)

> also - I noticed a bit ago you mentioned you were re-working the 
> skychannel script .. would be interested to find out how far you got 
> with it?

   Hmm.  Well, I posted a semi-recent one a month or so ago along with the 
redeye stuff I was using.  Since then, I think I added one more failsafe 
channel change ~10 s. after triggering as I managed to miss one channel change 
once.  I think it was because another IR (TV or amp.) was in use at the time; 
  the one danger of the IR blaster approach.  It's not let me down other that 
that since ~February.

   My *current* version is no longer 'portable', alas.  It has as ivtvctl call 
in it now to determine whether the box needs turning on (therefore 
ivtv/Hauppage-PVR specific) at the outset [that is easily editible, though, 
and may actually have been in my posted version].

   Also, I've changed the 'turn off in ~4 hours' thing into a 4-hours-long 
loop, polling Myth's status every 5 minutes.  While this could probably be 
done without vast difficulty in the script, it might be a bit painful.

   I've invested in a cheap LCD to monitor whether Myth's recording, a sort of 
now'n'next display, HD temp. and free-space, show date+time, plus even whether 
I've emails waiting.

   I've hand-written a perl script to drive LCDd as the lcdproc stuf in Myth 
0.18.1 is broken and I don't want to risk SVN builds.  I have a 
'collate-status' script running on my main PC (email count) and my PVR 
(now+next, HD status), putting these in a little table in mySQL on the PVR 
once a minute.  The LCDd script then polls this info.

   My skychannel script gets this out from the d/b to see if the PVR's active 
and whether the Sky box can thus be turned off.  So skychannel is now 
dependant upon my PVR 'collate-status' and a command-line i/f to sql 
'get-status'.  It polls every 5 mins., for 4 hours trynig to turn off the box, 
then gives up (now doesn't blindly turn it off after 4 hours).

   If you're interested, the PVR status can be had from telnetting into the 
nmythbackend on some port I've forgotten (search the list) and doing 'GET 
/xml', although I had to play silly wotsits to stop this [I use 'socat'] 
timing out and returning a null string when the PVR's busy.

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