[mythtv-users] red_eye script

Craig Tinson craig at 8010.co.uk
Wed Dec 7 12:49:01 EST 2005

Craig Tinson wrote:

> If Neil Bird's listening I was wondering if he'd managed to get his 
> channel changing digibox app to compile and work under FC4?
> We discussed this a few months ago but I didn't have any luck - it 
> just seg faults and if I remember correctly when I debug'd it it was 
> something to do with permissions on the ttyS0.. I never got around this..
> I've just updated to SVN and now I have a problem - if the script 
> doesn't exit without an error myth quits recording and that creates a 
> whole load of problems
> Cheers
> Craig
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okies - figured a way around it - I compiled on an FC3 machine. copied 
it over and it works fine now

also - I noticed a bit ago you mentioned you were re-working the 
skychannel script .. would be interested to find out how far you got 
with it?



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