[mythtv-users] Is it possible to have two channels appear on one channel??

Stephen Dolan stephen.dolan at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 06:48:28 EST 2005

On 12/8/05, Niels Dybdahl <Niels at dybdahl.dk> wrote:
>  I think you could implement it in two different ways:
>  1. Create a script which takes the output from your xmltv grabber and joins
> the two channels to one.
>  2. Place them as separate channels, but with the same frequency and write a
> script which deletes all programme entries for the time frames where the
> channel is not being broadcastet. This could probably be written as a
> general script, which takes three parameters: Channel id, start time and end
> time. Then run the script on each channel immediately after
> mythfilldatabase.
>  Niels Dybdahl
Hmmm, option 2 sounds interesting (mainly because I'm not sure how I'd
do option 1!) So with this option, if I understand you, I'd still see
two channels on my schedule, but one would have no data prior to the
changeover time, and the other would have no data after it.

It would certainly be better than what I have at the moment anyhow.

Thanks for the input!

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