[mythtv-users] Is it possible to have two channels appear on one channel??

Niels Dybdahl Niels at Dybdahl.dk
Thu Dec 8 04:09:14 EST 2005

> It might sound like a strange question, but my cable provider (NTL
> Ireland) shows Nickelodeon on a channel up to about 5pm and then shows
> Paramount Comedy on the same channel for the rest of the evening!
> I was wondering if there is any way, to get mythtv to merge the XML
> data for these two channels and show Nickelodeon data before a certain
> time and Paramount data after ?

I think you could implement it in two different ways:

1. Create a script which takes the output from your xmltv grabber and joins
the two channels to one.

2. Place them as separate channels, but with the same frequency and write a
script which deletes all programme entries for the time frames where the
channel is not being broadcastet. This could probably be written as a
general script, which takes three parameters: Channel id, start time and end
time. Then run the script on each channel immediately after

Niels Dybdahl
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