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Lachlan McIntosh lachlan at directions.com.au
Tue Dec 6 06:13:31 EST 2005

Ummmmmm yeah I just worked out that this didn't actually come from the

It actually was there because ummmmmmmm I ummmmmmmm use.... the.... svn

And ummmmmmmm the .htaccess reference didn't make sense to me because my
install script does actually copy the .htaccess file to apache.

However thanks to Andrew because the apt-get did acutally install
apache2 and now I >have< to use it because if I start 1.3 it
>>>downloads<<< the text of the php page (go figure) 

However I did need to run:

dpkg-reconfigure php4-mysql

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> I did a stupid thing on the weekend and ran "apt-get upgrade" now 
> mythweb won't work.

What kind of repository are you using?  That error is from mythweb svn,
not a release.

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