[mythtv-users] [OT] Trancoding 'live'

glen martin lists at locutory.org
Sun Dec 4 20:54:02 EST 2005

Chad wrote:

>On 12/4/05, Chris Ribe <chrisribe at gmail.com> wrote:
>>The best bang for the buck upgrade path is probably to just upgrade the CPU
>>on your frontend to something that can handle HD decoding.
>I completely agree.  I can't seem to find a STB that works with ATSC
>that is less than the cost of a AMD64 3200 (which is enough power to
>decode a HD stream).  I'd rather fork over the ~200 bucks to build a
>high def capable frontend than feed something into something, and then
>that something out to something, which may be capable of then
>reconverting that something into something (where something is analog
>or digital depending on where it's placed ;) ).
:) Put it like that and I have to agree.

The other angle is the 'something that can handle HD decoding' is
probably non-silent. My existing frontend is an EPIA, and diskless.  And
then there is 'something that can *display* HD', and that is the 40 or
50 inch 16:9 plasma than I haven't quite got around to buying yet, and
probably won't for a while.

Downconverting ATSC to 480i and displaying on my 32-inch analog TV,
while less than ideal, still gives me the aspect ratio while I wait for
the opportunity to spend several thousand $ on new equipment. Hence,
transcoding, at least for the next year.  But I suppose would take
massive code changes plus a 200-300 watt CPU :) to transcode in real time.

The usual transcoding route, waiting for shows to finish and then
covert, would seem to work fine most of the time.  And the external HD
tuner with 480i output would seem the best choice for shows that can't
wait. Or maybe just run the external tuner direct into the TV and forego
pause ... :/

Thanks to all for your comments.


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