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Chris Ribe chrisribe at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 21:12:58 EST 2005

If your processor could handle HD decoding, your video card would handle the
downconverting on playback.  You could avoid the digital-analog-digital
round trip while still using your current display.

I don't know how much recording you do on a daily basis, but transcoding
from HD to SD will probably take you 3 hours for every hour of video

On 12/4/05, glen martin <lists at locutory.org> wrote:
> Chad wrote:
> >On 12/4/05, Chris Ribe <chrisribe at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> >>The best bang for the buck upgrade path is probably to just upgrade the
> >>on your frontend to something that can handle HD decoding.
> >>
> >>
> >I completely agree.  I can't seem to find a STB that works with ATSC
> >that is less than the cost of a AMD64 3200 (which is enough power to
> >decode a HD stream).  I'd rather fork over the ~200 bucks to build a
> >high def capable frontend than feed something into something, and then
> >that something out to something, which may be capable of then
> >reconverting that something into something (where something is analog
> >or digital depending on where it's placed ;) ).
> >
> :) Put it like that and I have to agree.
> The other angle is the 'something that can handle HD decoding' is
> probably non-silent. My existing frontend is an EPIA, and diskless.  And
> then there is 'something that can *display* HD', and that is the 40 or
> 50 inch 16:9 plasma than I haven't quite got around to buying yet, and
> probably won't for a while.
> Downconverting ATSC to 480i and displaying on my 32-inch analog TV,
> while less than ideal, still gives me the aspect ratio while I wait for
> the opportunity to spend several thousand $ on new equipment. Hence,
> transcoding, at least for the next year.  But I suppose would take
> massive code changes plus a 200-300 watt CPU :) to transcode in real time.
> The usual transcoding route, waiting for shows to finish and then
> covert, would seem to work fine most of the time.  And the external HD
> tuner with 480i output would seem the best choice for shows that can't
> wait. Or maybe just run the external tuner direct into the TV and forego
> pause ... :/
> Thanks to all for your comments.
> glen
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