[mythtv-users] Silent Fan for Socket A (AthlonXP 3000)

Richard Bronosky mythtv at bronosky.com
Fri Dec 2 10:14:10 EST 2005

Wow, that's a cool looking heat sink. (NPI)  It seems that putting the 
fan in between the two "beach condos"  would provide better flow.  Is 
there enough room?

Bob wrote:
> Jeff Simpson wrote:
>> I am upgrading the processor in my myth/desktop box from an AthlonXP 
>> 1600 to a 3000 (because it's the fastest processor my board can 
>> support and I was going to buy another 1600 for somebody else but 
>> opted to trade mine up and give them my old one instead).
>> I need to get a new fan because the one I have doesn't cool enough 
>> for a 3000. I have always gotten the Thermaltake brand and really 
>> like them, but I want to get something quiet. I looked for the 
>> Thermaltake SilentBoost A1889, and while it seems like a great + 
>> quiet fan, there are NO vendors that have any stock in these, except 
>> the ones selling it for $50 (instead of $20).
>> I have an order placed for one, but I expect it, like the others, 
>> will be cancelled when they realize they have no stock.
>> So my question: Anybody have other suggestions for good silent 
>> SocketA fans that will be happy cooling an AthlonXP 3000? I'd like to 
>> keep cost under $30 and preferably have the noise rating close to or 
>> under 20dBA. Thanks
> I've got two of these
> http://www.thermaltake.com/coolers/4in1heatpipe/cl-p0071SonicTower/cl-p0071.htm 
> on two Athlon XP 3200s and they're awesome, my frontend goes up to 54C 
> under heavy load with one 40Gb 7200RPM Hard-Drive and one slow 
> spinning 120mm fan, my backend is exactly the same but plus a 200Gb 
> 7200RPM /myth drive and I've seen 57C as measured by the sensor on the 
> MB under the chip, (I gather there is a 7~18C difference between that 
> and the on-die thermistor) I'm considering taking the thing out of the 
> case and mounting it on the wall at which point you wouldn't need a 
> fan at all.


	Thank you for your time,
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