[mythtv-users] Fedora MythTV HowTo and VisionPlus HDTV Card

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Thu Dec 1 09:09:50 EST 2005

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        hurgh1 at gmail.com wrote:

> A little while back i purchased a "Digital Terrestrial TV Tuner VisionPlus"
> (also know as TwinhanDTV Mini Ter) - Model VP3020C.

I have two VisionPlus tuners in my box which is running FC3 currently.

> I have been following the Fedora MythTV HowTo which is located here -->
> http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/fcmyth.php <--
> I am up to the section where I need to get and install the CaptureCard
> drivers, and I am not sure which one of the sections on his page to use.

Any reasonably modern kernel should have the drivers for that
card. All you probably need to do is add this line to /etc/modprobe.conf:

install bttv /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install bttv && /sbin/modprobe dvb_bt8xx

That should be enough to get it recognised.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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