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Carl Fongheiser carlfongheiser at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 23:27:58 UTC 2005

On 8/31/05, Gerald J. Berg <gjb at datafirst.com> wrote:
>  I use a Hauppauge 500 for capturing multiple channels, but it can only 
> select up to 125 channels. I just picked up 2 boxes from Time Warner so my 
> MythTV box will be able to select from a broader range of channels. These 
> cable boxes are Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3250. There is an IR port in the 
> back, but the technician told me it was purposely disabled by Time Warner.
>  There is also a USB port on the front of these boxes, but I am not sure 
> how it can be used.
>  I am looking for a source to purchase 4 of these SA 3250 boxes (or some 
> similar brand) for these reasons:
>  1. Eliminate the monthly charge from Time Warner for using each box.
> 2. Have remote control through its IR port
> 3. Not have to worry about them being recalled after being integrated into 
> my MythTV system
>  Does anyone have an idea of how to purchase this or a similar product?
> You're probably out of luck. The only places that sell cable boxes to 
individuals are probably selling hacked boxes that are illegal to use. Even 
if you managed to get a legal one, Time-Warner probably won't be willing to 
provision it. And if you do manage to talk them into provisioning it, the 
provisioning process will disable the ports that Time-Warner disables on 
their own boxes.

Carl Fongheiser
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