[mythtv-users] Motorola DTH335-4 Serial Port

Duncan Ritchie duncanr at pobox.com
Wed Aug 31 23:00:03 UTC 2005

I have a Motorola DTH335-4 satellite receiver on Sky digital in New Zealand.
I have my Myth box all up and running except for changing channels on the
It has a RS232 port on which I can see information that can be translated
into the current channel.  This is in the format <STX>chan<ETX> I haven't
yet sorted out what chan is - channel 1 = 67, 2 = 68, 10 = 40, 14 = 43.  I
haven't spent the time yet to decode the chan information.  If the channel
is blocked it doesn't signal at all.  These messages are sent every 5
seconds or so.  They keep transmitting even in soft power off.  On change to
a channel that could be restricted it does this:
#APPSTOR: appstore_verify_application
#APPSTOR: checking app flags
#APPSTOR: checking module flags
#APPSTOR: calling am_storing_request
On hard power on it does this:
Socket pair created : first = 1 and second = 2.
@(#)OpenTV SkyNZ nwpkg 2.9 NO_DEBUG ZENITH 5512
gdbo raw port not initialized
#INTPRT[RESET] starting
#INTPRT[RUNNING] running:0x1
I have tried sending it commands but without any luck.  It seems to ignore
all input.
Does any one know if the box can be controlled via serial?  If not has
anyone successfully controlled one with IR?
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