[mythtv-users] I'm so frustrated. (PVR-500)

Todd Ignasiak ignasiak at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 18:37:09 UTC 2005

I got my PVR-500 working, after some initial difficulties. 
Unfortunately, I was thrashing through so many different changes, I
can't say with confidence what the key issues were for me..    Also, 
I am using Gentoo x86-64, not KnoppMyth..    But, here are some of the
things I tweaked to get mine working:

- These page have good info:


- Check the order of modules loaded.  I also have an HD3000 and a
FusionHDTV3 in mine,  and changing the order of modules loaded
effected which cards worked.    I'm still playing with this.. as it is
now, when I reboot I need to rmmod ivtv, then re-load it to get it to

- Specifying tuner type in module parameters (in /etc/modules.conf). 
When I had the wrong tuner type (or no tuner specified) I got black &
white video, or hung video.

  options ivtv ivtv_std=0 tuner=57,57 tda9887=-1,0,0 ivtv_debug=1
  options cx25840 i2c_enable=-1,1,1

- Use ivtvctl to set the pvr-500 in the right modes:

     /usr/local/bin/ivtvctl -d /dev/video0 -u 1 -f width=720,height=480 -p 6
     /usr/local/bin/ivtvctl -d /dev/video1 -u 1 -f width=720,height=480 -p 6

- check for messages like "ivtv: i2c client addr: 0x44 not found for
command 1074029571! " in your dmesg output.   Re-loading ivtv resolved
this for me.

Good luck,

On 8/18/05, Richard Bronosky <mythtv at bronosky.com> wrote:
> So I tried to buy hardware specifically to have a good MythTV
> experience.  ( See setup here http://www.bronosky.com/index.php?p=21 )
> I have obviously failed.
> I've installed KnoppMyth R5A16, and followed these instructions for ivtv
> http://mysettopbox.tv/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4822#28248  I used
> ivtv-0.3.7d.  I got HcwMakoA.ROM & HcwFalcn.rom off of the latest CD
> posted on http://www.hauppauge.com/pages/support/support_mce.html
> I'm getting the "reddish static fade in, fade out" problem.  I'm hearing
> people talk about loading the ivtv module with different parameters.  I
> don't know what loading a module is, or how to change parameters.  I
> hear people talking about modules.conf and modprobe.conf...
> This is just too much for me to figure out right now.  I don't feel like
> I know enough to know what I need to learn.  I'm not dead set on
> KnoppMyth, but I am dead set on the hardware described above.  Can
> someone please tell me the easiest way to get a viewable video signal
> from a PVR-500 using mplayer or something?  I just need a little victory
> to feel good about this project again.
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