AW: [mythtv-users] Archiving Shows to DVD

Martin Bene martin.bene at
Sat Aug 13 13:47:58 UTC 2005

Hi Paul, Thanks for your answer,

> OK I didn't know that. As things stand you can't select which 
> files you want to cut or not cut. Everything works OK but the scripts 
> assumes nocut if non is given I think.

Just rechecked the code.. Yep, looks like I was actually carefull and
maintained compatibility with the old format when adding the cutflag
parameter :-)

> There are several other things that you can do with the 
> MythWeb interface to mythburn that are missing from the 
> plugin that need to be worked on. You can't select which 
> background image to use for example. Since there seems
> to be some interest in getting the plugin working I will 
> try to spend a little time on it. The first stage will 
> be to get all of the same functionality that is
> already in MythWeb into the plugin.

That would be really apreciated! 

Thanks, Martin

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