[mythtv-users] Absolutely OT, but I want to hear what you guys think

Matt Hannan matthannan1 at cox.net
Sat Aug 13 15:31:07 UTC 2005

I've been following this email list for a couple of years now, so I am 
not like just popping in and trolling, but I am looking for opinions on 
CPU choices for a new laptop.

I am completely facsinated by the idea of running that developer's 
version of Mac OSX on an x86 platform, but it requires a CPU with SSE2. 
I am having a hard time finding info on what CPU (some P-IV's and some 
Athlon64's, but no specifics) has this SSE3.

Here is a link to OSX on x86, in case you live upnder a rock and have 
not heard about it yet:

As I want a laptop, my choices are pretty much P-IV-M or Athlon64.
Here is a quote from the page I linked to:

First of all, I think your CPU needs at LEAST sse2.
For rosetta and to get itunes and other ppc apps working, you need sse3.
My vaio has a Pentuim M, so no rosetta for me.
Everything else works.
I'm posting this from the OS X x86 port of Firefox Wink.

The thing is, once I am past the "Whoa! I am running OSX on my x86 
laptop!!!" stage, I am going to load a Linux distro (SUSE 9.3, more than 
likely) on it and call it a day...once MythTV is running as a frontend 
on it. So, maybe this in't so OT after all! All my computing needs 
eventually come back to MythTV!

So, can anyone help a brother out with info on what CPU's run SSE3? If 
the P-IV-M (running at 1GHz) in this guys article does not have SSE2, 
does that mean that P-IV-M's of today do not have SSE3?

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