[mythtv-users] Archiving Shows to DVD

Paul mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Aug 13 13:36:47 UTC 2005

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>> Nice to see someone working on the mythburn scripts again.
>> I've been having a play with them myself recently. One of
>> the problems with the scripts at the moment is they where
>> written for use on knoppmyth and contain several hard
>> coded references to file paths etc. It would be nice to see
>> some sort of  configuration file where you could set the
>> location of the scripts, where to create and store temporary
>> files, what the mysql user and password should be
>> etc. to make them work on any distribution.

>That's on my todo list as it was pretty high on the whishlist in the
>comments I've received so far. That and file permissions. Currently it's
>a bit of a mess, logs and configs get written right in the program

>> installs things. e.g. install all files in
>> ${PREFIX}/share/mythtv/mythburn.

>Since I'm running it on gentoo that's exactly where the files already
>are on my system :-)

>> If anyone is interested I have updated the mythburn-ui - the
>> mythtv style plugin - to compile and work with current svn.

>Now THAT's really great news. I haven't yet tried the UI stuff but the
>screenshots I've seen sure look nice. Does the UI still work with the
>current mythbtvburn.sh script? Around march the cutlist support was
>added to CVS, which changes the commandline for mythtvburn (file1 file2
>file3 becomes file1 cut file2 nocut file3 nocut), i.e each file is
>followed by the cutflag for that file.

OK I didn't know that. As things stand you can't select which files you want
to cut or not cut. Everything works OK but the scripts assumes nocut if
non is given I think.

There are several other things that you can do with the MythWeb interface to
mythburn that are missing from the plugin that need to be worked on. You
can't select which background image to use for example. Since there seems
to be some interest in getting the plugin working I will try to spend a
little time
on it. The first stage will be to get all of the same functionality that is
already in
MythWeb into the plugin.

>> What is the chance of mythburn becoming an official part of
>> MythTV? I think that would encourage more people to work on it and
>>improve things.

>No Idea. Let's CC mythtv-dev and see if we get any comments :-)

Got to be worth a try.

>Bye, Martin


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