[mythtv-users] Operating System of choice ?

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mythtv at sci.fi wrote:

> Kinda related to the topic, has anyone had any experience running any
> OS (FC4 for instance, but should be the same with others as well),
> with a MoBo that has integrated gfx ? In theory DVI-D should be the
> same regardless whether it's coming from the MoBo or GFX card, so
> how's it work in practice ? Is there some advantage/reason to use a
> gfx card ?
> What I'm thinking here is quite simple, is there performance and more
> importantly quality differences when comparing a gfx card and MoBo
> integrated gfx, assuming both use DVI-D, since IMO both the integrated
> and gfx card should give out the exactly same DVI-D output, where as
> in analog the D/A conversion might have differences between cards and
> integrated.
> My idea is to build the system using a backend on server and frontend
> on a "hifi" desktop pc, so I'd like as stuff in the desktop machine as
> possible. Also anybody have experience of using that kind of
> "terminal" as frontend.
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The reason for using a video card is to get on-board MPEG2 (and/or 4)
decoding.  This the load off of the CPU, allowing less expensive (or
smaller SFF) machines deliver the desired results.


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