[mythtv-users] Managing DVD's in Linux

flim flim at talktalk.net
Sat Aug 6 15:05:28 UTC 2005

I suppose it depends on exactly what you want to do...

If you just want to take your rented/bought/borrowed DVD and have a copy  
to play when you want - take a perfect rip, transcode it to your favourite  
format and burn it to a CD (most movies will transcode down to less than  
700MB without significant loss of quality).  Then you can play it on your  
standard DVD-player or on your PC.  Alternatively, you can stick half a  
dozen on a single layer DVD or 10+ on a dual layer disc.

If you want to make copies to lend to your friends, you can't be sure the  
above will work for them.  I'm afraid I'll be no help to you on that front.



On Sat, 06 Aug 2005 00:13:48 +0100, Jonathan Mills  
<jonmills at email.unc.edu> wrote:

> I am looking for the "best accepted practices" to perform the
> following tasks in Linux:
> 1) Rip a commercial DVD
> 2) If necessary, transcode it and compress it to fit on a DVD5
> (regular DVD+/-R)
> 3) Be able to selectively burn various tracks, audio, and menus
> 4) Burn the DVD (or alternatively create an iso image of it)
> Now I'm not a Linux noob; in fact I'm a Linux Administrator.  I've
> just never done any video-related tasks under Linux.  I'm also
> completely new to mythTV.  In Winbloze, I would normally perform all
> of the above tasks using just two programs:  DVD Decryptor and
> CloneDVD2.
> How does the majority of the community handle such tasks?

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