[mythtv-users] Re: Different audio recording levels across sources

Tony Lill ajlill at ajlc.waterloo.on.ca
Wed Aug 3 18:51:01 UTC 2005

Dan Wilga <dwilga at mtholyoke.edu> writes:

> My system has both a PVR-350 and a 250. I'm using the cards to tune
> CATV, as well as capture the output of two Dish 311 receivers through
> S-video.
> The problem is that the Dish receivers send audio that is
> significantly lower in volume than what my cable company puts on the
> wire. The result is that whenever I want to watch a program recorded
> from the dish I have to increase the volume, or when watching a CATV
> program I have to reduce the volume.
> I see that there are per-channel settings in Myth for contrast and
> brightness, but not for volume. I've looked all through the FE
> settings and mythtv-setup, but can't find anything that would allow me
> to reduce the volume on certain channels or inputs.
> Is there an option somewhere I'm missing, or should this be a feature request?

I did some poking around in the code and it looks like it sets the
volume for the device based on the value from the recording

Perhaps if you make up some new recording profiles with different
volume settings and assign them to the different inputs. It's been a
while since I poked around the backend setup screens, so I don't know
how easy that is, or if it's possible to use different recoding
profiles on the tuner and composite inputs of the same card.

I might try it this weekend, since I have the same issue.
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