[mythtv-users] "OSX" adding new theme to MythFrontend 0.17 release (with plugins) and a bug

Anthony Mittaz aspeed at netplus.ch
Fri Apr 1 08:20:15 UTC 2005


First, thanks a lot to the macos x mytht developper community ! Your
application is working like a charm. I'm running the MythFrontend.app of
that website http://www.whpress.com/mythtv/ on a linux bakcend (0.17).
Everything ok, but i'm wondering if is there a way to add new theme and
also new osd, like that one :
http://www.radixpub.com/vir/portfolio/mtvmc/. and also some others.

I can also tell you that there is one bug a bit annoying. When i'm trying
to delete something that is recording on the backend that i'm also
watching, it works but after that the mythfrontend.app become
unresponsive, and i had to kill the mythfrontend.app.

Thanks a lot for your work


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