[mythtv-users] mythtv dialog focus and guide problem

John Andersen jsa at video.homelinux.org
Tue Sep 28 04:53:34 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 00:37, Tomi Makinen wrote:
> Hi,
> My setup is getting better and better every day, but I still have two
> things that
> I have not been able to fix. I have FC1 installed with jarods guide.
> First is that sometimes when I open delete or recording or some other
> dialog, it is not focused. I have to retry few times or use mouse to
> focus the dialog. Is there any way to correct this ?

You running full screen or windowed?  I found full screen solves
a lot of these things.

> Another one is that sometimes when I open the program guide, I can only
> move the box once before it stalls. I just cannot do anything but go back.

Thats just not right, something's amiss there. I can scroll both directions
with no problem.  Is you machine quite busy at the time? Sounds like 
some prerequisite software might be missing.

Have you installed Mythweb?   I find mythweb is way more convienent
than the program guide built in.


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