[mythtv-users] mplayer/xine both crash playing WMA files

Dan Robinson dannyjrobinson at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 05:04:11 EDT 2004

I just upgraded to fc2 (following Jarod's guide, excellent thanks) and
I've found the following:

1.) The w32codec package wasn't installed by default, so after
installing that I tried to play a .wmv home movie that used to play OK
on fc1 mplayer/xine and both segfault with the w32codec installed.  I
found this thread on atrpms, but it was some months ago and the
resolution wasn't clear.  Has anyone else had success using atrpms
installed mplayer/xine to play .wmv files in FC2?


2.) I had to fiddle around with my sources.list file to get xine
installed.  Is there a chance that either (it is installed by default
in the same way mplayer is, or that Jarod could include the required
steps at the end of his guide.

3.) I'm using DVB so I've built myth, dvb, etc. myself.  I did see
some comments a while ago about DVB support being included in atrpms
FC2.  Has anyone validated that this is working OK?

4.) Can anyone shed some light on the required modprobe.conf entry for
loading the dvb modules automatically (for a Nova-T if possible).  I'm
not sure of the new syntax for this file and running the insmod.sh
load script manually isn't very nice.



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