[mythtv-users] Record broadcast television

Adam Siegel adam at sycamore.us
Sun Sep 26 15:45:13 EDT 2004

I have my myth box setup and it is working perfectly.  I even have it 
working with the MediaMVP (very cool).  Now for the entire reason I 
purchased the PVR-350 originally.  I want to record all my old home 
movies from my old camcorder.  The output of the camcorder is meant for 
a coax in on the television.  This is no problem, I just hook it up to 
the PVR-350's coax in.  But my profile is setup for cable television.  
So the frequencies for channel 3 are different for broadcast vs. cable.

It seems that you just can't hit record in myth and let it go.  You have 
to associate a recording with something in the television schedule.  
When it kicks of the recording it also sets the frequency to that of the 
channel which you want to record (obviously).  I need someway of telling 
myth to use the broadcast frequency for channel 3 and to just record to 
a file without a start and stop and channel setting.

I am able to manually override the frequency setting by using the 
ptune.pl utility that came with the ivtv package.  But when you hit 
record, it sets the frequecy back to the cable frequency.

Any creative ideas are appreciated!

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