[mythtv-users] Record broadcast television

Brian LeFevre blefevre at ida.net
Sun Sep 26 22:41:34 EDT 2004

Adam Siegel wrote:
> I have my myth box setup and it is working perfectly.  I even have it 
> working with the MediaMVP (very cool).  Now for the entire reason I 
> purchased the PVR-350 originally.  I want to record all my old home 
> movies from my old camcorder.  The output of the camcorder is meant for 
> a coax in on the television.  This is no problem, I just hook it up to 
> the PVR-350's coax in.  But my profile is setup for cable television.  
> So the frequencies for channel 3 are different for broadcast vs. cable.
> It seems that you just can't hit record in myth and let it go.  You have 
> to associate a recording with something in the television schedule.  
> When it kicks of the recording it also sets the frequency to that of the 
> channel which you want to record (obviously).  I need someway of telling 
> myth to use the broadcast frequency for channel 3 and to just record to 
> a file without a start and stop and channel setting.
> I am able to manually override the frequency setting by using the 
> ptune.pl utility that came with the ivtv package.  But when you hit 
> record, it sets the frequecy back to the cable frequency.
> Any creative ideas are appreciated!
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in the US I believe broadcast and cable channel 3 are the same frequency.

--however use svideo or composite.  You will get a much higher quality 
of recording.

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