[mythtv-users] Subtitles with Mplayer on DVD movies

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Thu Sep 23 10:23:47 EDT 2004

At 14:43 23/09/2004, you wrote:
>Hey all,
>I'm using Myth 0.16 and using the dvd player built-n to watch DVDs, i
>configured ~/.lircrc correct and it works fine. Now i want to add
>support for selecting the subtitles on a DVD with my remote control,
>I added this section to ~/.lircrc but it's not responding:
>prog = mplayer
>   button = subtitle
>   repeat = 3
>   config = vobsub_lang
>If I'm usong gmplayer outside of myth and i select the subs throw the
>GUI (using the mouse) it works fine...

I wish I could figure out how the hell to do this with Xine as well. All of 
my own DVD rips have embedded SRT subtitles, and whilst it's easy to pull 
them up through the GUI I can't figure out how to get them switching on/off 
via the remote.

>Oh, BTW, I'm having problems to play CD's that contains an avi file
>with a .sub file, i don't know how to play those kind of CD's using
>mplayer throw Myth.... any ideas?

Once the movie has been imported into MythVideo, you can specify a unique 
player command, so instead of using the default it would use something like 
mplayer --subtitle=mymovie.sub mymovie.ogm. Not sure of the syntax, as I 
don't have access to mplayer ATM. 

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