[mythtv-users] HDTV Recommendations

Roy Murphy murphy at panix.com
Wed Sep 22 21:59:57 EDT 2004

'Twas brillig when David George scrobe:
> Not many people do like their binary driver policy.  But for the most 
> part the drivers do work (I know they seem to be always able to break 
> the driver in news ways as they release them, but sometimes they get 
> better :-( ).
> Historically ATI's drivers have been worse than nVidia.  This could 
> easily start into a flame-fest so it may be best to search the list 
> archives for more information on ATI vs. nVidia.

I'm not ideological. I want somethign that works. When given the
choice between something which works and has open drivers and
something which works and has closed drivers, I'll pick open. If
the only functional options have closed drivers, so be it. It
appears I was misinformed about the capabilities of the Ati open
source drivers.

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