[mythtv-users] HDTV Recommendations

David George david at thegeorges.us
Wed Sep 22 17:43:19 EDT 2004

Roy Murphy wrote:

> OK, tell me I'm crazy. I want to record OTA HD content and play it 
> back on my HD screen. I want to be able to burn DVDs. What should I be 
> looking for?

You're not crazy.  However you can't burn HD DVD's until Blu-ray or 
HDDVD is available ;-) .  You will need to transcode them before burning 
on a low-def DVD.

> I see the pchdtv is recommended. It appears the 2K is no longer 
> available and pre-orders for the 3K were supposed to start up today. 
> Anything else?

That's it.  I have the 2K and it works well.  Hopefully I will also be 
able to get a 3K soon so I can record two HD shows at once.

> Output devices. I see Nvidia is recommended. I'm disappointed. I don't 
> like their binary driver policy.

Not many people do like their binary driver policy.  But for the most 
part the drivers do work (I know they seem to be always able to break 
the driver in news ways as they release them, but sometimes they get 
better :-( ).

> How about the Ati All-in-Wonder 9600? Is there decent support for 
> that? Anything else with component outputs? (No DVI on my HD monitor - 
> component only)

Historically ATI's drivers have been worse than nVidia.  This could 
easily start into a flame-fest so it may be best to search the list 
archives for more information on ATI vs. nVidia.

> Assume that my budget is substancial. What should I be looking at?

I'll leave this question for others.


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