[mythtv-users] Build options for mythtv (was: This is odd...)

IvanK. chepati at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 20 21:37:44 EDT 2004

On Monday 20 September 2004 09:13 pm, Isaac Richards wrote:

> So, when a disproportionate amount of questions on this list are due to
> simple packaging errors that could easily have been avoided (the broken
> mythtv-suite package, and a large number of problem reports in the past few
> days are very due to opengl sync being on), I shouldn't say anything at
> all?  I shouldn't say anything when people ignore my multiple answer to
> threads (error when executing mc.sql), and continue to send messages about
> it?  I shouldn't get frustrated when there are people asking about random
> crashes, but absolutely no one provides requested information?
> Isaac

It's your sole decision how much of yourself to invest in answering questions 
other people can answer for you.  I meant only to suggest that you should 
value your sanity more and ignore stupid, recurring queries from too 
negligent/lazy/novice people.  Don't exhaust your energy on simple matters.  
Of course, I agree, after the Nth time a mistake is repeated and the 
developers blamed, one is liable to let some steam off.


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