[mythtv-users] Build options for mythtv (was: This is odd...)

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Mon Sep 20 21:13:17 EDT 2004

On Monday 20 September 2004 08:34 pm, IvanK. wrote:
> Perhaps by tacit agreement it is understood that stuff that is not
> applicable to one's platform (ie windows vs linux) is to be commented
> similarly to stuff that by your own admission is unsafe.  Where in the
> OpenGL part I quoted above does it say not to use it?  I even tried to read
> between the lines, but unfortunately it's single-spaced.  I try to
> selectively follow the -users and -dev lists, but the amount of traffic
> prevents me from reading every single message.  I choose to read threads
> that I find relative to my experience.

The opengl sync code works great for some people, but it doesn't work at all 
for others.  So, it's disabled by default.  Simple logic.  If a user wants to 
enable it to try it out, they can.  The default case should still be 

> Also, I don't agree that the default settings.pro is always best.  For
> example I need native lirc support.  By your logic, I shouldn't enable it,
> since by the default it's commented out.  For arts support, your kdelibs
> location is wrong for my system with kde compiled from source.

I'd consider arts support to be broken, and probably shouldn't be used.  I 
wouldn't consider native lirc support as absolutely necessary - irxevent 
works for 99% of the people out there, and is easier to setup.   In general, 
if a feature is stable and universally useable (except for cross-platform 
issues), it will be enabled by default.  Why would I disable it otherwise?

> Sorry to mouth off, but I notice that you sometimes spend unnecessarily
> disproportionate amount of your universally aknowledged limitted, and thus
> precious time, answering sarcastically trivial -users queries which you can
> easily ignore so that other users can field off.  I understand your
> patience in dealing with non-RTFMers is low, but is this the most efficient
> use of your energy?

So, when a disproportionate amount of questions on this list are due to simple 
packaging errors that could easily have been avoided (the broken mythtv-suite 
package, and a large number of problem reports in the past few days are very 
due to opengl sync being on), I shouldn't say anything at all?  I shouldn't 
say anything when people ignore my multiple answer to threads (error when 
executing mc.sql), and continue to send messages about it?  I shouldn't get 
frustrated when there are people asking about random crashes, but absolutely 
no one provides requested information?


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