[mythtv-users] Build options for mythtv (was: This is odd...)

IvanK. chepati at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 20 20:34:19 EDT 2004

On Monday 20 September 2004 07:34 pm, Isaac Richards wrote:

Isaac, first to say I appreciate your work very much and I'm not an ungrateful 
sob for writing what I'm about to write below.

> You apparently value the input of random people who aren't familiar with
> the source over mine, which is rather troublesome.
> > Would you care making a suggestion for the default build options for
> > packages (rpms and deps)? E.g. the maximal set of sensible options
> > that can be enabled for a general pupose package? I understand that
> > outrules
> >
> > o directfb (conflicts with X11, unless there is now runtime selection
> >   possible), and
> > o opengl_vsync (due to stability)
> >
> > Anything else that is not for the masses?
> The settings.pro that is distributed with the source is what I recommend as
> the default compile options.  It wouldn't be that way otherwise.
> My main issue with all this is that I _specifically_ disabled opengl sync
> in settings.pro the day before the release so that people wouldn't have any
> problems with it.

This is cvs from a few minutes ago, the relevant part of settings.pro:

# OpenGL support for vertical retrace sync
#CONFIG += using_opengl

And this is the DirectX part:
# DirectX support
#CONFIG += using_directx

Perhaps by tacit agreement it is understood that stuff that is not applicable 
to one's platform (ie windows vs linux) is to be commented similarly to stuff 
that by your own admission is unsafe.  Where in the OpenGL part I quoted 
above does it say not to use it?  I even tried to read between the lines, but 
unfortunately it's single-spaced.  I try to selectively follow the -users and 
-dev lists, but the amount of traffic prevents me from reading every single 
message.  I choose to read threads that I find relative to my experience.

Also, I don't agree that the default settings.pro is always best.  For example 
I need native lirc support.  By your logic, I shouldn't enable it, since by 
the default it's commented out.  For arts support, your kdelibs location is 
wrong for my system with kde compiled from source.

Sorry to mouth off, but I notice that you sometimes spend unnecessarily 
disproportionate amount of your universally aknowledged limitted, and thus 
precious time, answering sarcastically trivial -users queries which you can 
easily ignore so that other users can field off.  I understand your patience 
in dealing with non-RTFMers is low, but is this the most efficient use of 
your energy?

> Isaac


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