[mythtv-users] Did MythWeb 0.16 fry anyone elses gentoo machine?

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Thu Sep 16 14:41:58 EDT 2004

> No-one on the forums knows anything, and the documentation is so poor as 
> to not warrant the title. Nothing in the error logs except "denied, 
> denied, denied". Here's the ridiculously complicated and overconvoluted 
> process mythweb now goes through, rather than the more prosaic 
> "un-tar.gz to some directory": I had to divert it all to logs because in 
> a typical emerge this all happens in the space of about 2 seconds.

mythweb SHOULD work with just "un-tar.gz", a couple of changes to 
httpd.conf to give .htaccess permission to adjust php values, and a 
php.ini change to enable fopen for the status page to work.

If you have, as you say you have, completely removed everything mythweb 
and everything apache (including /var/log/httpd and /etc/httpd), 
re-emerged apache (but not mythweb) and are STILL having problems, then 
someone else is obviously wrong with your setup or the packages.

Perhaps you should direct your blame at the packager and not the 
developer.  As much as I will admit that you are frustrated, deserve to 
be upset, and I can understand that, I do take this a bit personally 
since I'm rather proud of mythweb (even though more than half of the 
important work was done by other people).  I don't use packages for web 
programs -- in fact, I seriously don't LIKE packages for web stuff, 
since they limit the number of locations where things can be installed.


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