[mythtv-users] Did MythWeb 0.16 fry anyone elses gentoo machine?

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Thu Sep 16 16:09:37 EDT 2004

At 19:41 16/09/2004, you wrote:
>>No-one on the forums knows anything, and the documentation is so poor as 
>>to not warrant the title. Nothing in the error logs except "denied, 
>>denied, denied". Here's the ridiculously complicated and overconvoluted 
>>process mythweb now goes through, rather than the more prosaic "un-tar.gz 
>>to some directory": I had to divert it all to logs because in a typical 
>>emerge this all happens in the space of about 2 seconds.
>mythweb SHOULD work with just "un-tar.gz", a couple of changes to 
>httpd.conf to give .htaccess permission to adjust php values, and a 
>php.ini change to enable fopen for the status page to work.
>If you have, as you say you have, completely removed everything mythweb 
>and everything apache (including /var/log/httpd and /etc/httpd), 
>re-emerged apache (but not mythweb) and are STILL having problems, then 
>someone else is obviously wrong with your setup or the packages.
>Perhaps you should direct your blame at the packager and not the 
>developer.  As much as I will admit that you are frustrated, deserve to be 
>upset, and I can understand that, I do take this a bit personally since 
>I'm rather proud of mythweb (even though more than half of the important 
>work was done by other people).  I don't use packages for web programs -- 
>in fact, I seriously don't LIKE packages for web stuff, since they limit 
>the number of locations where things can be installed.

Hehe, sorry Chris, I didn't mean any of this to be directed at you! I'm 
well aware that it wasn't MythWeb that fried apache per se... just 
something vaguely related to it that changed permissions on /. No-one else 
has had this problem, so I can only assume it's some kind of weird quirk in 
my personal apache setup that b0rked the package installation. It all seems 
sorted now, barring having to redo all my old mythweb config.

And don't worry, if mad props were the kind of thing I had in bucketloads, 
then bucketloads would be heaped upon you and the other MythWeb devs (I've 
got some very sane mineshaft props, if they're any use). It's 
singlehandedly the thing that utterly sold me on Myth in the first place 
(since I'm rarely in front of my machine, and tunnelling X sessions is 
nowhere near as convenient as tunnelling port 80), and has never let me 
down once. Please accept my apologies if you thought any of this was 
directed at you!

And yes, I think I'll stick to good ol' untarring myself in the future... I 
think I'll probably install MythWeb on the same machine as the database anyway. 

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