[mythtv-users] Decision matrix: Pundit vs 7NIF2 & Coolermaster ATC 620

Ian hindumagic at telus.net
Wed Sep 15 02:48:52 EDT 2004

Bela Lubkin wrote:

>Jason Lee <mythtv at theleehouse.net> wrote:
>>myth-lane at dowobeha.net wrote:
>>| Yes, I am planning to use onboard sound. But, I don't think that the
>>| Chaintech 7NIF2 has SPDIF. For me, the Audigy is as much for
>>| Firewire as it is for sound.
>>IIRC, the Chaintech board does have SPDIF, but it does not come with a
>>bracket/jack for it, which can be added for about $6 third party.  Seems
>>like a coworker of mine did that to his.  I have the Chaintech, but I
>>use the line-out of the on-board audio, as I have no audio equipment --
>>just an old TV. :)
>My recently-acquired Chaintech 7NIF2 does _not_ have S/PDIF.  The
>motherboard has a silkscreened area _labeled_ "S/PDIF", but there are no
>pins there.
>I've just spoken with Jim at Chaintech USA tech support (510 656 3607).
>He tells me that the board was revised over a year ago.  The old version
>had 4-channel sound and an S/PDIF connector; the new has 6-channel sound
>and no S/PDIF.  He thought that the old version _might_ still be
>available some places outside the US.
>In practice, this means you _might_ get a 7NIF2 with S/PDIF, if you buy
>from someone whose inventory moves slowly.  Or you might not.  The only
>way to be absolutely sure would be to get someone at the shipping site
>to open the box and check.
>I also learned that there is no BIOS (not even an internal, beta or
>"experimental" version) for this board which supports underclocking
>options (manual control over FSB multiplier & Vcore).  He gave me an
>email contact to ask for these features.  I'll report to the list if
>something happens.

Did Jim happen to mention revision numbers on the boards to 
differentiate them? 

I find this info confusing because their website says CMedia9739A 6 
channel sound *and* S/PDIF.  I guess that this wouldn't be the first 
time that a vendor's website is slightly misleading.  That, or Jim was.

Anyways, my board doesn't have pins at the S/PDIF header, but there are 
solder contact points that I was going to make a bracket and attempt to 
solder some leads to.  Has anyone tried this and will it actually work?  
I've never tried soldering something like this before, but I do have a 
bit of experience with an iron.


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