[mythtv-users] Decision matrix: Pundit vs 7NIF2 & Coolermaster ATC 620

Bela Lubkin filbo at armory.com
Wed Sep 15 06:27:55 EDT 2004

Ian <hindumagic at telus.net> wrote:

> Bela Lubkin wrote:
> >My recently-acquired Chaintech 7NIF2 does _not_ have S/PDIF.  The
> >motherboard has a silkscreened area _labeled_ "S/PDIF", but there are no
> >pins there.
> >
> >I've just spoken with Jim at Chaintech USA tech support (510 656 3607).
> >He tells me that the board was revised over a year ago.  The old version
> >had 4-channel sound and an S/PDIF connector; the new has 6-channel sound
> >and no S/PDIF.  He thought that the old version _might_ still be
> >available some places outside the US.
> >
> >In practice, this means you _might_ get a 7NIF2 with S/PDIF, if you buy
> >from someone whose inventory moves slowly.  Or you might not.  The only
> >way to be absolutely sure would be to get someone at the shipping site
> >to open the box and check.
> Did Jim happen to mention revision numbers on the boards to 
> differentiate them? 

No (nor can I find any revision numbers on the board anyway).  He said
that the change happened over a year ago.  From what you describe below,
you definitely have a post-change board.

> I find this info confusing because their website says CMedia9739A 6 
> channel sound *and* S/PDIF.  I guess that this wouldn't be the first 
> time that a vendor's website is slightly misleading.  That, or Jim was.
> Anyways, my board doesn't have pins at the S/PDIF header, but there are 
> solder contact points that I was going to make a bracket and attempt to 
> solder some leads to.  Has anyone tried this and will it actually work?  
> I've never tried soldering something like this before, but I do have a 
> bit of experience with an iron.

>From their perspective, if they didn't pin the connector out then the
board does not have S/PDIF.  Soldering a header onto a motherboard is
something an enthusiast might do, but for a typical purchaser it just
isn't there.

The fact that they no longer even pin it out suggests that either they
changed the sound chip to one that doesn't do S/PDIF, they screwed up
the wiring so that it wouldn't work anyway, or the BIOS programs it not
to work.  Or, of course, it'll work fine.  If you're willing to
experiment (it's only an $80 board...), there are other 7NIF2 owners
here who would be interested in the outcome.


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