[mythtv-users] Decision matrix: Pundit vs 7NIF2 & Coolermaster ATC 620

Bela Lubkin filbo at armory.com
Fri Sep 10 20:01:52 EDT 2004

Jason Lee <mythtv at theleehouse.net> wrote:

> myth-lane at dowobeha.net wrote:
> | Yes, I am planning to use onboard sound. But, I don't think that the
> | Chaintech 7NIF2 has SPDIF. For me, the Audigy is as much for
> | Firewire as it is for sound.
> IIRC, the Chaintech board does have SPDIF, but it does not come with a
> bracket/jack for it, which can be added for about $6 third party.  Seems
> like a coworker of mine did that to his.  I have the Chaintech, but I
> use the line-out of the on-board audio, as I have no audio equipment --
> just an old TV. :)

My recently-acquired Chaintech 7NIF2 does _not_ have S/PDIF.  The
motherboard has a silkscreened area _labeled_ "S/PDIF", but there are no
pins there.

I've just spoken with Jim at Chaintech USA tech support (510 656 3607).
He tells me that the board was revised over a year ago.  The old version
had 4-channel sound and an S/PDIF connector; the new has 6-channel sound
and no S/PDIF.  He thought that the old version _might_ still be
available some places outside the US.

In practice, this means you _might_ get a 7NIF2 with S/PDIF, if you buy
from someone whose inventory moves slowly.  Or you might not.  The only
way to be absolutely sure would be to get someone at the shipping site
to open the box and check.

I also learned that there is no BIOS (not even an internal, beta or
"experimental" version) for this board which supports underclocking
options (manual control over FSB multiplier & Vcore).  He gave me an
email contact to ask for these features.  I'll report to the list if
something happens.


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