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>  	Quick question Re nuvexport and mpeg2->mpeg2 direct cutting.
> planning on trying this with the newly rebuilt box so I don't have to
> hand-cut
> the commercials.  How well does the script deal with glitched frames
> the
> audio?  I do basically the same as the script for my hand-edits
> (avidemux2,
> cutlist, etc), but I've noticed that ivtv produces a bad audio frame
> roughly 1
> in 10 hours.  It causes barfing of the muxer and drops the audio past
> bad
> frame.  If I use avidemux2 to re-encode the *audio*, I can fix the
> recording
> (basically removing the bad audio frame).
>  	Has anyone tried this and can attest to the robustness?  I'm
> thinking of hacking the script to apply my re-encoding parameters to
> avidemux
> to convert from 640x480 (ivtv) to 352x480, 2-pass, denoise for dvd
> authoring.
> I basically do this via a script (once the cutlist is defined), so it
> shouldn't
> be too tough.
> -Cory
> * Cory Papenfuss
> * Electrical Engineering candidate Ph.D. graduate student
> * Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

I have done 12 mpeg2->mpeg2 cuts now with commercial cutlist in place
with no issues. Please let me know when you have the script done. ;-)


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