[mythtv-users] Re: nuvexport questions

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Tue Sep 14 16:40:12 EDT 2004

 	OK... so perhaps I should have been more specific.  What I meant to say 
was that 1 in 10 1-hour recordings had some bad audio frames.  Those were what 
the muxer barfed on.  I'm trying to recall now if it was actually the muxer 
(I'm using mplex), or avidemux that aborted the audio... just thought I'd ask 
the question.

 	WRT transcode, I suspect it probably is a better tool, but right now 
I've already got all the pieces to use avidemux (between nuvexport and my 
script to apply the filters and 2-pass encoding, etc).  Is transcode pretty 
good about dealing with cutlists?  It's horribly complicated to get all the 
options set on it to what you need every time I've played with it.

 	Of course, I suppose I could kludge up the works some more by using the 
mpeg2cut as it is, and then re-crunch the result.  Any thoughts on how tough it 
would be to put the mpeg2cutting right in myththv directly?  I think 
avidemux2/cursesgdk/etc is too much of a hack to be mainstream... :)


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On Tue, 14 Sep 2004, Gavin Hurlbut wrote:

> Cory Papenfuss <papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu> wrote:
>> audio?  I do basically the same as the script for my hand-edits (avidemux2,
>> cutlist, etc), but I've noticed that ivtv produces a bad audio frame roughly 1
>> in 10 hours.  It causes barfing of the muxer and drops the audio past the bad
>> frame.  If I use avidemux2 to re-encode the *audio*, I can fix the recording
>> (basically removing the bad audio frame).
> 1 bad audio frame every 10h?  sheesh. :)  And which muxer does it barf?
>>  	Has anyone tried this and can attest to the robustness?  I'm also
>> thinking of hacking the script to apply my re-encoding parameters to avidemux
>> to convert from 640x480 (ivtv) to 352x480, 2-pass, denoise for dvd authoring.
>> I basically do this via a script (once the cutlist is defined), so it shouldn't
>> be too tough.
> I don't have any 10h recordings to test that with.  However, I've only had
> mpeg2cut barf on one file so far, and that was due to avidemux2 segfaulting.
> For your conversion stuff, why not write a proper nuvexport convertor using
> transcode?  It will handle the MPEG2 just fine.  The only reason I used
> avidemux2 at ALL was so we can just cut out chunks of MPEG2 and only reencode
> the GOPs around the cut, not have to recode the entire file.  For reencoding
> the entire file, transcode is a FAR better choice.
> Good luck.
> Gavin

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