[mythtv-users] EPG w/ PVR-350 updates?

Blues Guy bluesguy at stny.rr.com
Tue Sep 14 21:56:43 EDT 2004

Haven't posted anything in a few months (A tribute to just how well 
developed myth is!) and I thought I'd toss a question out.  Did the 
usual archive search and came up blank, so here goes...

Does anyone with a PVR-350 doing their output have the tv image in the 
EPG scaling properly in the corner? 

I know when I ran with just 250's and the onboard video on my Pundit 
about 8 months ago, that the EPG would put the live tv image up in the 
corner in a nice scaled square.  When I switched to the 350 for the 
output it would overlay the EPG with a fullscreen image of the live tv, 
and at the time that seemed fine (the ivtv drivers were shaky at best, 
and Myth was at .13).   Well with all the advancements in the ivtv 
drivers, Matthais' ivtvdev X driver, and Myth's excellent progress, I 
was hoping that the EPG / preview thing would be updated.  It's one of 
the last remaining gripes holding down the WAF, and it seems like its 
possible (notice no patch attached to this message however :-) because 
the recordings preview scales a nice image of the video playing when I 
select a recorded show.  Unless it's a difference in the way ivtv/Myth 
handles live tv vs. recordings...

If others have this working, was there a trick to it?  Perhaps some 
remnants from my older Myth installs causing problems?

If not, is this anywhere on the radar of the myth developers, or is this 
still an ivtv problem?

Or maybe the small live tv video in the EPG isn't expected behavior anymore?

Thanks for the input and happy Mything!

Disclaimer: Any typo's or things that sound unintelligible in this 
e-mail are directly due to the Yankees game that's on right now :-)

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