[mythtv-users] Run multiple Myth apps on single box?

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 14 09:24:33 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 14 September 2004 01:07, Chris Lynch wrote:
> Hello all,
> I just got MythTV up and running, and I'm excited as I'm a complete
> Linux newbie and it's working (fingers crossed).  One question I had
> is whether or not it's possible to do "multiple" front end things at
> one time.  As an example:
> -  Browse a photo slideshow in the gallery while playing music
> -  Rip a DVD while watching Live TV or a playing a song
> That kind of an idea - today, when I hit ESC on my keyboard or
> Back/Exit on my remote it seems to stop the current process.  Is
> there a more elegant binding to use to "move" around.  A quick search
> didn't really give me answer on the archives, but I may have missed
> it.  Also, if this is possible, what's the config to enable it?

This is a much-requested feature, but the short answer is a qualified 
"no".  I'll explain.

You *can* rip a DVD while doing other things -- you must exit out of 
whatever you're doing to start the DVD ripping process, but once it's 
started you can go back and do other things (listen to music, watch TV, 
etc) and the DVD will be ripped (& optionally transcoded) in the 
background.  Note that the same is not true for audio CDs; you must 
wait for it to complete before doing something else.  DVD ripping is 
currently the only action that operates in the background.

There is a new framework being developed (mainly by thor) called mfd.  
mfd is currently a daemon that can share (mythmusic) content & metadata 
with other daemons and clients (iTunes is supported).  Eventually I 
think the idea is to separate the UI from the process that actually 
drives the media-related tasks (playing, recording or ripping) so that 
you would be able to 'surf' around different Myth screens without 
interrupting your playback or whatever.

In short... hold tight!  This is definitely something that is on the 
developers' radar.


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