[mythtv-users] Run multiple Myth apps on single box?

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Tue Sep 14 05:28:56 EDT 2004

> -  Browse a photo slideshow in the gallery while playing music
> -  Rip a DVD while watching Live TV or a playing a song
> That kind of an idea - today, when I hit ESC on my keyboard 
> or Back/Exit on my remote it seems to stop the current 
> process.  Is there a more elegant binding to use to "move" 
> around.  

It is indeed possible to rip/transcode a dvd while doing other things. Once
started, that task runs in the background. Not sure about the slideshow,
never used that module. It may have the ability to play music while
displaying the slides. If not, make the suggestion to add a selectable
playlist to the slideshow. The authors are very active on this list and that
sounds like a great idea. :)

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