[mythtv-users] Run multiple Myth apps on single box?

Chris Lynch tsw at one.net
Tue Sep 14 01:07:18 EDT 2004

Hello all,
I just got MythTV up and running, and I'm excited as I'm a complete Linux
newbie and it's working (fingers crossed).  One question I had is whether or
not it's possible to do "multiple" front end things at one time.  As an

-  Browse a photo slideshow in the gallery while playing music
-  Rip a DVD while watching Live TV or a playing a song

That kind of an idea - today, when I hit ESC on my keyboard or Back/Exit on
my remote it seems to stop the current process.  Is there a more elegant
binding to use to "move" around.  A quick search didn't really give me
answer on the archives, but I may have missed it.  Also, if this is
possible, what's the config to enable it?



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