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Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 12 23:17:16 EDT 2004

I don't know about the URC-8017, but I'm using an
URC-6131 with my MythTV machine, on the RC-5 receiver
of my Hauppauge PVR-250.  I used the keymover function
(992) to assign VCR code 0081 (base RC-5) to the PVR

On my remote, I use the key combination 994 to program
individual keys.

Rather than copy/paste my information, check out my
website at http://www.vulturesnest.net, and look at
the "URC-6131 With Hauppauge IR Receiver" page.

I'm a little confused though as to what your problem
is (maybe I'm not reading your e-mail correctly).  Is
keymover not working?  Do you not know how to program
EFCs?  Or are you looking for a table of EFCs for a
particular device?  If so, which device?

-- Joe

--- 1canuck2 <1canuck2 at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> Hi,
> Is anybody out there using the One For All remote
> URC-8017 with MythTV? Its a 
> significantly cheaper version of the RadioShack
> 15-2116 universal remote that 
> Jarod describes a setup for. 
> The model number I have sited is the Canadian
> version, there is a US model as 
> well URC-8011. See them both here:
> Anyway, following Jarod's RS remote instructions, I
> can get as far as the 
> basic functioning of buttons. Jarod then describes
> using "keymover" to map 
> extended function codes to the currently dead keys.
> With my cheaper remote, 
> keymover does not have the ability to directly enter
> 3 digit EFC's, so I 
> can't get some of the critical buttons working
> (left, right for example). 
> What keymover does on my remote, is let me map the
> keys from another 
> programmed device to this one. So, if I setup "Cbl"
> on the remote to be a 
> device that has those keys, I could remap them to my
> Aux device for Myth 
> control. I hope that last bit makes sense. Does
> anyone know how I can go 
> about doing this (finding a device that uses those
> EFC commands) short of 
> programming devices like crazy and testing it.
> Where would be the best place to look for such help.
> If its an impossible task, I guess I am returning my
> $25CAN remote for its 
> $60CAN big brother. :(
> Robin
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