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Thanks for the reply. That kicks ass! As with the 6131, the direct entry of 
EFC codes method is not mentioned in the manual. Thus, I was over thinking a 
solution to the problem, assuming that I could not directly enter EFC codes. 
However, following the same technique (the sneaky second tap of the set key 
after entering 994) I *AM* able to enter them!

Your confusion is understood, as I had a hard time composing the email as it 
is. Basically, I did not know how to program EFCs, but now I do thanks to 
your help.

This remote is the key to getting acceptance of MythTV with my wife, as she 
is already frustrated by the number of remotes we have. Now we need one and 
it only cost $25 Canadian. Its a pretty nice remote if anyone is looking for 
a cheap universal remote.

Hmm, after playing with your instructions for a while, I cannot seem to get 
Replay and Skip to work, and I can't find Exit. Every other key appears to 
be fine. Strangely, if I do an "irw" and press the keys I want for 
skip/replay, it shows up as skip/replay, yet when I'm in myth, it doesn't do 
what I want (jump 2minutes forward or back). It did this with the Hauppage 
remote. To confirm, I switched lirc back to the Happauge and the jump 
buttons work. If I "irw" the hauppage, those buttons show up as replay and 
skip, so I would have thought I'd get the same action if I program the 
OneForAll to do replay/skip, but it doesn't work. Am I missing something 
here? Also, how do you program Exit?

Thanks for the heads-up.


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>I don't know about the URC-8017, but I'm using an
> URC-6131 with my MythTV machine, on the RC-5 receiver
> of my Hauppauge PVR-250.  I used the keymover function
> (992) to assign VCR code 0081 (base RC-5) to the PVR
> button.
> On my remote, I use the key combination 994 to program
> individual keys.
> Rather than copy/paste my information, check out my
> website at http://www.vulturesnest.net, and look at
> the "URC-6131 With Hauppauge IR Receiver" page.
> I'm a little confused though as to what your problem
> is (maybe I'm not reading your e-mail correctly).  Is
> keymover not working?  Do you not know how to program
> EFCs?  Or are you looking for a table of EFCs for a
> particular device?  If so, which device?
> -- Joe
> --- 1canuck2 <1canuck2 at sympatico.ca> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is anybody out there using the One For All remote
>> URC-8017 with MythTV? Its a
>> significantly cheaper version of the RadioShack
>> 15-2116 universal remote that
>> Jarod describes a setup for.
>> The model number I have sited is the Canadian
>> version, there is a US model as
>> well URC-8011. See them both here:
> http://www.ofausa.com/list_remotes.php?type=Mainstream%20Line
>> Anyway, following Jarod's RS remote instructions, I
>> can get as far as the
>> basic functioning of buttons. Jarod then describes
>> using "keymover" to map
>> extended function codes to the currently dead keys.
>> With my cheaper remote,
>> keymover does not have the ability to directly enter
>> 3 digit EFC's, so I
>> can't get some of the critical buttons working
>> (left, right for example).
>> What keymover does on my remote, is let me map the
>> keys from another
>> programmed device to this one. So, if I setup "Cbl"
>> on the remote to be a
>> device that has those keys, I could remap them to my
>> Aux device for Myth
>> control. I hope that last bit makes sense. Does
>> anyone know how I can go
>> about doing this (finding a device that uses those
>> EFC commands) short of
>> programming devices like crazy and testing it.
>> Where would be the best place to look for such help.
>> If its an impossible task, I guess I am returning my
>> $25CAN remote for its
>> $60CAN big brother. :(
>> Robin
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