[mythtv-users] Remote advice

1canuck2 1canuck2 at sympatico.ca
Sun Sep 12 22:49:42 EDT 2004


Is anybody out there using the One For All remote URC-8017 with MythTV? Its a 
significantly cheaper version of the RadioShack 15-2116 universal remote that 
Jarod describes a setup for. 

The model number I have sited is the Canadian version, there is a US model as 
well URC-8011. See them both here:

Anyway, following Jarod's RS remote instructions, I can get as far as the 
basic functioning of buttons. Jarod then describes using "keymover" to map 
extended function codes to the currently dead keys. With my cheaper remote, 
keymover does not have the ability to directly enter 3 digit EFC's, so I 
can't get some of the critical buttons working (left, right for example). 

What keymover does on my remote, is let me map the keys from another 
programmed device to this one. So, if I setup "Cbl" on the remote to be a 
device that has those keys, I could remap them to my Aux device for Myth 
control. I hope that last bit makes sense. Does anyone know how I can go 
about doing this (finding a device that uses those EFC commands) short of 
programming devices like crazy and testing it.

Where would be the best place to look for such help.

If its an impossible task, I guess I am returning my $25CAN remote for its 
$60CAN big brother. :(


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