[mythtv-users] Correct value for BusID, increasing log output, and is there an overview doc?

Mike Astleford drijones01 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 12 17:41:27 EDT 2004

Have used this wiki entry
to get the MythTV to output to the TV. *small cheer*

Everytime I attempt to record or view TV - black
screen or lockup.

Some things that I can't quite put together:
1)Putting the the BusID in XF86Config-4 ->> Confused
what to put in there.
Results of lspci -v "00:0b.0" 
How do I prefix that with  'a preceding "0x" to the
BusID' (from the config notes)
In other words - what should the final value be?

2)Infer from several posts that there is a debug flag
that you can set to increase log output, but haven't
found where to set that flag, or the exact syntax.

3)This project is !spectacular! in what has been
accomplished, but is there a summary/overview doc that
explains how things go together?
I found MythTV, then found KnoppMyth, and am just now
understanding that there are a wealth of plugins the
wiki, and important related projects like ivtv.
Being a recovering engineer, I have looked for a
road-map that explains the parts, but haven't found it
yet. If it doesn't exist, or it can use some help, I
would be glad to throw in and help as I figure things

Thanks all!


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