[mythtv-users] Re: Just about there with Actisys IR200 and DigitalCable

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 12:04:04 EDT 2004

I'm going to vote crack-pipe.  I'm not 100% sure how the 350 works,
but if I were to have two different inputs to the card, they would
both go to the same inner logic and would be multiplexed...with one
having precedence.
That said, in this case it would be pretty much one-or-the-other.  If
there is a way to bypass this functionality, it wouldn't be software
related... it would require soldering and things of that nature....
get me a schematic layout (or PSPICE setup) for the board and I can
figure it out... besides that it's anyone's guess.

As another options... you could get a remote switch to toggle between
digital and analog with some goofy control.  This idea is a "jury-rig"
so don't put too much faith in it.  Though it would be an interesting
project to do...

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 08:28:02 -0700, Cory Drinkwater <cdrinkwa at bctree.com> wrote:
> >
> > cory,
> >
> > have you restarted myth-backend?
> >
> > myth only reads the channel change script entry when the backend is
> started.
> > subsequent modifications are not taken note of until the backend is
> > restarted.
> >
> > see the end of my IR Blaster HOWTO, specifically in stage 5, where it says
> >
> >
> http://losdos.dyndns.org:8080/public/mythtv-info/MythTV_DISH_IR_LED_TX_via_Modified_LIRC.html
> > or the mirror
> >
> http://mirror.mmdsi.com/losdos.dyndns.org/public/mythtv-info/MythTV_DISH_IR_LED_TX_via_Modified_LIRC.html
> >
> > jds-myth
> JDS, Shawn, et all...
> Just an update for the legions.... I ended up "unwrapping" the Perl script
> from the shell script and called it directly instead, restarted Mythbackend
> again and low and behold.... happy days.... I don't know if it was the
> prettiest thing to do, but I will play more when I get some more time.
> Thanks a bunch to all for the great guides, hints, tricks, smoke,
> mirrors.... you get the picture :).
> Now for my next trick... Are there recommendations for setting up my PVR-350
> to use both the composite inputs (or s-video) for the digital cable feed and
> the onboard tuner... Or is this even possible? I would like to run the
> "digital" channels through the composite input, and the "regular" channels
> through the onboard tuner as I am right now. Thoughts? Or have I got the big
> crack pipe going? :) Thanks a bunch!
> Cheers!
> Cory
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