[mythtv-users] Re: Just about there with Actisys IR200 andDigitalCable

Cory Drinkwater cdrinkwa at bctree.com
Fri Sep 10 13:14:43 EDT 2004

> > >
> > > cory,
> > >
> > > have you restarted myth-backend?
> > >
> > > myth only reads the channel change script entry when the backend is
> > started.
> > > subsequent modifications are not taken note of until the backend is
> > > restarted.
> > >
> > > see the end of my IR Blaster HOWTO, specifically in stage 5, where it
> > >
> > >
> >
> > > or the mirror
> > >
> >
> > >
> > > jds-myth
> >
> > JDS, Shawn, et all...
> >
> > Just an update for the legions.... I ended up "unwrapping" the Perl
> > from the shell script and called it directly instead, restarted
> > again and low and behold.... happy days.... I don't know if it was the
> > prettiest thing to do, but I will play more when I get some more time.
> > Thanks a bunch to all for the great guides, hints, tricks, smoke,
> > mirrors.... you get the picture :).
> >
> > Now for my next trick... Are there recommendations for setting up my
> > to use both the composite inputs (or s-video) for the digital cable feed
> > the onboard tuner... Or is this even possible? I would like to run the
> > "digital" channels through the composite input, and the "regular"
> > through the onboard tuner as I am right now. Thoughts? Or have I got the
> > crack pipe going? :) Thanks a bunch!
> >
> > Cheers!
> >
> > Cory
> >

> I'm going to vote crack-pipe.  I'm not 100% sure how the 350 works,
> but if I were to have two different inputs to the card, they would
> both go to the same inner logic and would be multiplexed...with one
> having precedence.
> That said, in this case it would be pretty much one-or-the-other.  If
> there is a way to bypass this functionality, it wouldn't be software
> related... it would require soldering and things of that nature....
> get me a schematic layout (or PSPICE setup) for the board and I can
> figure it out... besides that it's anyone's guess.
> As another options... you could get a remote switch to toggle between
> digital and analog with some goofy control.  This idea is a "jury-rig"
> so don't put too much faith in it.  Though it would be an interesting
> project to do...

Alright... that's one for the crack-pipe :) ... I don't imagine that you can
utilize both inputs at the same time because of hardware limitations, but I
was figuring on a "one-at-a-time" scenario. I know that in mythtvsetup you
can specify which inputs are used for corresponding video sources, I was
just not sure if the channel lineup for "mycable channels" could be used for
all recordings as I do now.

I have read a couple of different posts that suggest a "mycable channels"
source, and a "mydigitalcable channels" source might have some merit (with
corresponding channels edited out of each) with the (s-vid) input running
the digital cable box and the coax running through the 350's tuner. I think
there is support for this type of configuration within Myth (with regards to
input priority and card priority) but I cannot confirm a working setup as
such. Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? Crack?

I will puff away and mull over some more google searches and gossamer

Thanks All!!


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